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AFSE mentoring program - WinE

What is mentoring?

It's a personalized and privileged accompaniment of young women economists at the start of their career by a more experienced economist.

Who can be mentored?

Doctoral students in economics and young female economists at the start of their career (first five years). They must be members of AFSE.

Who can mentor ?

Any senior economist (male or female) who is willing to engage :

- to a privileged interpersonal relationship with their mentee

- to demonstrate benevolence

- to respect the confidentiality of exchanges

The relationship between mentor and mentee remains informal, but represents a reciprocal commitmentthat will takeshape over the course of a few meetings a year. The pair must not

- belong to the same institution

- carry out their research in the same field of analysis

The mentor will be able to answer specific questions, give advice, suggest solutions to difficulties encountered by the mentee, and share his or her professional experience with the mentee. The mentor can help the mentee to contact the appropriate referents if a particular problem is identified.

How to apply ?

Please fill inthe online forms if you wish to participate as :

- Mentee

- Mentor

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any