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New post by Yohan Renard

09 October 2023 Blog
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Water reservoirs and children's health in sub-Saharan Africa: reducing malnutrition at the risk of exposing children to malaria?

By Yohan Renard, Senior Lecturer at the University of Orléans - Laboratoire d'Économie d'Orléans (LÉO)

Winner of a special mention in the AFSE 2023 prize for his thesis entitled "Improving Child Health in Sub-Saharan Africa; Three Essays in Microeconometrics", prepared and defended at Paris-Dauphine University under the supervision of Marta Menéndez and Elodie Djemaï, Yohan Renard presents in this post the results of a microeconometric study of the impact of water reservoirs in Sub-Saharan Africa on child health. He shows that these water reservoirs have a contrasting effect: while chronic malnutrition among young children declines in the vicinity of water reservoirs, the risk of malaria transmission increases there, and the risk of infant mortality is higher than elsewhere.

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