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EUROFRAME conference 2024

29 février 2024 Call for papers
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Kiel, 7 June 2024


The global economic order is changing, with competition between China, Europe, and the United States growing and a shift from a rules-based to a more power-based system. At the same time, geopolitical conflicts are taking place in a highly interdependent world economy.
The 20th EUROFRAME Conference will focus on the challenges to European economies from the new geopolitical environment. How can Europe improve economic resilience and avoid dangerous dependencies, safeguard competitiveness and rules-based trade? What will be the costs of decoupling, what are the risks with respect to achieving the goals of digital and green transformation? What is the role of European and global institutions in guiding national economic policy initiatives?

We seek both empirical and theoretical policy-relevant papers. Areas of interest include but are not limited to:
• Adjustment of global value chains in response to the new geopolitical setting
• Challenges to the European Single Market in the context of new industrial policy approaches
• Implications for (the European) governance
• Macroeconomic impact in terms of growth, inflation and income distribution
• Green transition: risk or opportunity for reshoring?
• The impact of economic sanctions on sanctionised and sanctioning countries
• Economic significance of the enlarged BRICS group of countries and of Global South emergence
• The role of the dollar and euro in the global economy

The keynote is held by Moritz Schularick (IfW Kiel, Sciences Po and CEPR)
The Call for Papers can be downloaded here (PDF). Submissions should be sent by 29 February 2024.

The conference is hosted by IfW Kiel.

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