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Prix de thèse d'économie de l'AFSE

Chaque année l'AFSE délivre son prix de thèse d'économie, doté d'une récompense de 3000 €.
Le prix est remis à l'occasion du Congrès annuel, et bénéficie du soutien de la Fondation Banque de France pour la recherche en économie monétaire, financière et bancaire. 

Les thèses d'économie soutenues, en France, entre le 1er janvier 2023 et le 31 décembre 2023 peuvent concourir au prix de thèse d'économie 2024. 

Pour être éligible au prix, la thèse doit impérativement être inscrite et soutenue en sciences économiques (section 05 du CNU) et au moins un des chapitres la composant (en plus de l’introduction générale) doit avoir été écrit en tant que seul auteur par le candidat.

Le jury du prix est composé de l'ensemble des membres du Comité Directeur de l'AFSE. Chaque soumission de thèse est rapportée par deux arbitres au sein du jury.

Les dossiers de candidatures doivent nous parvenir au plus tard le 1 février 2024.

Chaque soumission de dossier de candidature se fait exclusivement par mail, et doit comporter en pièces attachées, au format pdf:
  • la thèse
  • les rapports de pré-soutenance
  • le rapport de soutenance
  • un résumé de thèse de quelques pages centré sur les résultats originaux susceptibles d’être publiés
  • un document reprenant les intitulés de tous les chapitres composant la thèse et précisant, pour chacun de ces chapitres, s’il est écrit en tant que seul auteur par le candidat ou co-écrit ; dans ce dernier cas, le nom des co-auteurs, leur statut (et notamment si l'un d'entre eux est le directeur/la directrice de thèse) et leur affiliation doivent être précisés
  • un CV


Adresses pour l'envoi des dossiers de candidature : et


Prix 2023:


  • The 2023 AFSE PhD prize has been awarded to Mathilde MUNOZ 

For her PhD Dissertation entitle "Essays on taxation and international worker mobility in Europe" - a research carried out at EHESS and Paris School of Economics under the supervision of Thomas Piketty and defended on June, 21, 2022

More about Mathilde MUNOZ


Special mentions : 

The very high quality of the submitted theses also led the jury to award two special mentions (in alphabetical order) to Lydia ASSOUAD and Yohan RENARD.

  • Lydia's PhD dissertation is entitled "Essays on the Political Economy of Development of the Middle East". Her research has been carried out at EHESS under the co-supervision of Thomas Piketty and Ekaterina Zhuravskaya. 

More about Lydia ASSOUAD

  • Yohan's PhD Dissertation is entitled "Improving Child Health in Sub-Saharan Africa; Three essays in Microeconometrics" - His Research has been carried out at Université Paris-Dauphine under the supervision of Marta Menéndez and Elodie Djemaï.

More about Yohan RENARD


Prix 2022:


Le Prix de thèse 2022 est attribué ex æquo à :

  • Stéphane Benveniste (Aix-Marseille Université) pour sa thèse "Les Grandes Écoles au 20ème siècle, le champ des élites françaises : reproduction sociale, dynasties, réseaux" sous la direction d'Alain Trannoy.


  • Antoine Ferey (CREST, Ecole polytechnique) pour sa thèse "Essais sur le barème et la structure des systèmes socio-fiscaux " sous la direction de Pierre Boyer et Jean-Baptiste Michau.


Prix 2021:


The 2021 AFSE PhD Prize has been awarded “ex-aequo” to Mariona Segu (Université Paris-Saclay) under the supervision of Gabrielle Fack and Miren Lafourcade and Thomas Douenne (Paris School of Economics) under the supervision of Katheline Schubert.  In addition to the high quality of both theses, the jury also appreciated the relevance of their work and the policy implications that can be drawn from their topical issues.

  • Mariona’s thesis entitled “Three essays on local housing markets” explores three aspects of the real estate market that have received little attention so far: the effects on house prices of tourism development such as peer-to-peer accommodation and an increase in the number of tourists travelling by air. She also studies the impact of the tax on vacant dwellings on the vacancy rate.


  • Thomas’ thesis “Essais sur l’économie des politiques environnementales : préférences, croyances, et redistribution ” helps to better understand citizens' attitudes towards environmental policies. His work shows the paradox facing environmental policies: citizens care about the environment and the climate and support the implementation of ambitious climate policies, but at the same time they oppose the carbon tax. Thomas addresses the possible explanations for this paradox.


  • The very high quality of the submitted theses also led the jury to award a special mention to Raphaël Lardeux (Université Paris 2) for his thesis entitled “Économie Publique Comportementale avec Agents Hétérogènes”, supervised by Etienne Lehmann.


See the short-listed theses.


Prix 2020:


The 2020 AFSE PhD Prize has been awarded “ex-aequo” to Laura Khoury (Paris School of Economics ) and Tomáš Jagelka (École Polytechnique – CREST). 

  • Laura Khoury completed her thesis entitled “Optimal Unemployment Insurance and On-the-Job Behaviours” under the supervision of Luc Behaghel. This excellent piece of work focuses on the impact of unemployment insurance on the behaviour of employers or workers still in employment.  The thesis is based on three empirical studies, which examine the effect of different unemployment insurance programs on labour supply, in both employment and unemployment, on insurance choices and on the structure contracts. In particular, the thesis provides some answers to the following two research questions: why are unemployment insurance schemes mandated at the national level? What is the optimal level of insurance to be established?  Although the work presented in this thesis is essentially empirical in nature, the jury also greatly appreciated the author’s underlying theoretical analyses. Finally, Laura’s work produces conclusions of direct relevance to the economic policy and could contribute to improving the architecture of the unemployment insurance system in France.


  • Tomáš Jagelka’s thesis entitled “Preferences, Ability and Personality: Understanding Decision-making Under Risk and Delay” was conducted under the supervision of Christian Belzil. This very high quality work falls into the field of applied micro-economy with interests in experimental economics, behavioral economics, and empirical industrial organization. The thesis notably aims at establishing a formal mapping between factors related to three of the Big Five personality traits and cognitive ability on the one hand and risk aversion, discount rates, and parameters governing their stability and individuals' propensity to make mistakes on the other hand. The results suggest that preferences and personality do not simply function side by side but that they are strongly related. The jury was impressed by the quality and originality of the work carried out, regarding both its purpose and the methodology used.


Prix 2019:


 The 2019 AFSE PhD Prize has been awarded to Tidiane Ly for his thesis entitled “Tax competition within Metropolitan areas”, conducted at the University of Lyon 2 under the supervision of Florence Goffette-Nagot and Sonia Paty. The thesis focuses on the importance of accounting for economic agents’ mobility in the analysis of policy choices of local governments. Specifically, considering the level of municipalities, counties, districts and townships, Tidiane investigates how do competing local governments choose their various policy instruments when they face high mobility of capital, residents and workers. The jury was really impressed by the originality, the quality and the rigor of the work carried out. The jury also greatly appreciated Tidiane’s wish to provide policy recommendations from his theoretical investigations and findings. Indeed, his thesis helps municipalities and lower-level jurisdictions in their policy instrument choice, and suggests that reforming the local institutional context requires to account for the specific responses of local governments.


The very high quality of the submitted theses also led the jury to award two special mentions (in alphabetical order):

  • Samuel Ligonnière for his thesis entitled “Financial Cycles: Determinants and Policy Implications”, conducted at the University of Lille under the supervision of Jérôme Héricourt* and Farid Toubal. This thesis falls into the field of international financial macroeconomics by investigating the determinants and consequences of national and international financial cycles. Samuel shows that inequality and debt maturity structure are the main determinants of national financial cycles, and demonstrates how rising inequality leads to an excessive leverage of low- and middle-income households. In addition to the high quality of the work, the jury also appreciated the candidate’s desire to draw economic policy recommendations from his empirical results.


  • Pauline Morault for her thesis entitled “Three essays on social structure and its implications”, conducted at the University of Aix Marseille under the supervision of Yann Bramoullé. The thesis underlines the importance of the social structure in analyzing and understanding various economic, social and political outcomes. She pays particular attention to marriages by considering (i) political elite and economic elites composed of a rich ethnic minority, as well as (ii) societies characterized by arranged marriages. Again, beyond the quality of the thesis, the jury was impressed by its originality and its contribution to the theoretical literature on marriages.


Prix 2018: 


This 2018 AFSE PhD Prize has been awarded to Clémentine Van Effenterre for her thesis entitled “Essays on gender norms and inequality”, conducted at Paris School of Economics under the supervision of Thomas Piketty. The jury was impressed by the quality and originality of the work carried out, regarding both its purpose and the methodology used, since the thesis notably aims at explaining the mechanisms of segregation related to gender by the preferences of women themselves. The subject is also a hot-debated topic, and greatly contributes to ongoing debates on inequalities.

The very high quality of the theses submitted also led the jury to award two special mentions (in alphabetical order):

  • Marion Dupoux for her thesis entitled “Structure of preferences, decision-making and the environment. Theoretical and experimental approaches”, conducted at the University of Paris Nanterre under the supervision of Alain Ayong Le Kama and Vincent Martinet. This thesis honors the field of environmental economics by seeking to help decision-making vis-à-vis projects having environmental impacts. In addition to the high quality of the work, the jury also appreciated the candidate’s desire to draw economic policy recommendations from her theoretical models and results.
  • Justine Pedrono for her thesis entitled “Banking stability and currency diversification”, conducted at Aix Marseille School of Economics under the supervision of Agnès Bénassy-Quéré* and Patrick Pintus. Again, beyond the quality of the thesis, the jury was impressed by its originality since the literature on the role of internationalization of bank balance sheets in the stability of banks is still scarce. The thesis also harmoniously mixes theoretical and empirical approaches, with the aim of delivering some recommendations in terms of regulation.

By awarding the AFSE Prize and the Special Mentions to three female economists, this 2018 vintage of prize demonstrates the potential of young women researchers to take a major role in our profession. The jury wishes them all the success they deserve for their future careers.

* Note: Agnès Bénassy-Quéré did not participate in the AFSE jury discussion and vote on Justine’s thesis.


Remise du Prix 2018


Prix 2017 :

Le CD choisit d’attribuer le prix de thèse de l’AFSE à

Yves Le Yaouanq (TSE) pour sa thèse «Three essays on cognitive biases in individual and collective decision» sous la direction de Christian Gollier et Jean Tirole.

Une mention spéciale a été décernée à Benjamin Monnery (Lyon 2) pour sa thèse "Prison, reentry and recidivism: microeconometric applications" sous la supervision de Jean-Yves Lesueur.


Prix 2016 :

Le CD choisit d’attribuer le prix de thèse de l’AFSE à

Romain Espinosa (Paris 2) "Analyse économique de la norme juridique : des origines constitutionnelles à la mise en oeuvre par le juge", sous la direction de Bruno Deffains.

Deux mentions spéciales sont attribuées à :

- Pauline Rossi (EHESS-PSE-Ecole d'économie de Paris) "Les déterminants des choix de fécondité en Afrique : préférences de genre, stratégies d'assurance et rivalités reproductives" sous la direction de Sylvie Lambert.
- Arthur Silve (EHESS-PSE-Ecole d'économie de Paris) "Elites and development" sous la direction de Thierry Verdier.


Prix 2015 :

Le CD choisit d’attribuer à l’unanimité le prix de thèse de l’AFSE à

Boris Vallée (HEC) pour sa thèse «Three essays on financial innovation», sous la direction de Christophe Pérignon et Ulrich Hege .

Deux mentions spéciales sont attribuées à :

- Antoine MISSEMER (Université de Lausanne-Université de Lyon 2) pour sa thèse sur «L’analyse économique face à l’épuisement des ressources naturelles, de William Stanley Jevons à Harold Hotelling (1865-1931) - le cas des énergies fossiles.» sous la direction de Pascal Bridel et Nicolas Chaigneau.
- Basile GRASSI (Université Paris 1-PSE-Ecole d'économie de Paris) pour sa thèse  «Essays on Firm Dynamics in Macroeconomics» sous la direction de Florin Bilbiie.


Prix 2014 :

Gabriel Zucman (EHESS-PSE-Ecole d'économie de Paris) "Essays on the world distribution of wealth" sous la direction de Thomas Piketty.

Une citation spéciale a été décernée à Camille Hémet (Sciences Po Paris) "Birds of a feather cannot always flock together. Essays on the socio-economic impacts of local diversity " sous la direction de Yann Algan.


Prix 2013 :

Fanny Henriet (PSE-Ecole d'économie de Paris) "Essais sur l'économie du changement climatique"  sous la direction de Roger Guesnerie.
Marie Laclau (HEC Paris) "Jeux répétés en réseaux et communication"  sous la direction deTristan Tomala.



Précédents Prix