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OpEd on the ECB Digital Euro investigation

21 janvier 2022 Divers
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Veuillez trouver ci-dessous un message de Wojtek Kalinowski (Institut Veblen) et un lien vers une lettre ouverte concernant les réflexions en cours à la BCE autour de l'euro numérique :

Dear all,

As you might know, the ECB investigation on the digital euro started at the end of last year and will run until October 2023, when the Governing Council will decide weather to launch it or not. The Advisory Group put in place is a business-only group, while some vague survey or focus groups are promised for the broader public.

We think it's not enough and prepared a letter asking the ECB to 1) broaden the scope of the investigation and 2) engaging both academics and civil society organisations. The digital euro could potentially renew monetary policies and this potential should at least be given a serious thought - not sure the ECB will put it on the agenda by itself. 

You can read, comment and sign the letter here (until Feb 4).



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